Friday, January 6, 2012

Time with kids!

As a working mother of 4, I do not get much time alone, nor much time to spend on the computer typing.  My  days are very busy combining, kids, work, household chores, their school work, and everything else that life throws at you.  If you let it, time steals the most precious moments away from you.

So, the time I spend with my kids has always been important to me.  I try to find the time in this busy life to always do something small with, or for them.  Usually it is play time, but this past weekend I took the time to make something for my youngest daughter that she had been asking for.  

She recently fell in love with bags of navy beans and lentils and everytime I'd bring some home from shopping, she'd find the bag while I am putting groceries away and would carry it around the house saying it was her baby.  So, I asked her if she wanted me to make a baby with the beans for her, and her face lit up.  She then asked every day if I had made one yet.  Well, I don't sew that often, so coming up with ideas of how to actually so this was not that easy for me.

One morning, I thought, well I could just fill and sew some old socks together and crochet a dress for that, draw a face and maybe she would like it.  Later that day, when she was occupied in the other room, I started to sew it together.  Before I had the dress made and the face painted, she came in, picked up the sewn sock and started carrying it around like a baby.  I then asked her when I was done with the dress to bring it back, and said, "if you go in the other room for a minute, I will have a surprise for you."  When she came back, I gave her the new homemade doll and she won't put it down now.  She loves it so much and now my son wants me to make a bear for him.  (out of brown socks, of course)

I knew kids were easy to please, and sometimes the smaller, the better!!!  And their being pleased can be even more pleasing for the parent when you take the time to watch them and learn from them as well.  Kids have so much to teach all the adults in the world!!!!

I plan to  post a picture of the "Sock babies, or bears or frogs", what ever the are called, when I finish making them all, (cuz I have more that one request right now) so keep an eye out for them soon.

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